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15" Floating Rotor (Round or Jagged)

15" Floating Rotor (Round or Jagged)

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15” Big Brake rotor kits drastically improve braking performance as well upgrade the style of your factory front wheel

We’ve been experimenting with single-disc rotor sizes since we put an 18” rotor on the original SRT in 2013. We all decided that the 15” single-disc conversion is the perfect size for performance-minded stopping power with no wheel grab.  This slick rotor and bracket comes in the classic 5 spoke 2-piece design that works well with all of our 5 spoke wheel designs.    and the billet Caliper Bracket allows you to utilize your stock Brembo caliper and retain your ABS braking functions.




The Bagger Nation 15" Jagged Big Brake Floating Rotor are made from 420 Stainless Steel, heat treated & ground to perfection with a black coated inner carrier. The massive 15" diameter increases braking performance by adding more leverage to your front brakes, similar to using a larger wrench to more easily turn a bolt. You can even utilize the factory Brembo brake caliper, rotor hardware, and brake hose with the Bagger Nation Caliper Bracket, making this an easy bolt-on installation with no need to re-bleed the brake system!


  • Increases overall stopping power up to 30%
  • Precision surface ground stainless rotor
  • The 15" Floating Rotor maintains consistent pad-to-surface contact
  • Drilled for optimum performance and heat dispersion
  • Available in stainless steel finish on the Round rotor or black on the Jagged rotor
  • Single rotors open up the view of the right side of the wheel
  • Designed to work with Bagger Nation front fenders as well as the factory fender
  • Easy bolt-on installation; no need to re-bleed the brake system
NOTE: 15" kits are designed to work with factory fork legs. 15" kits will NOT work with Arlen Ness's "Hot Legs" fork legs.
NOTE: In order to use your Stock Brembo brake caliper, you must add a Bagger Nation Caliper Bracket.
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit

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