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OEM MONKEY BARS (2015 - Present All Road Glides / Road Kings)

OEM MONKEY BARS (2015 - Present All Road Glides / Road Kings)

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Bagger Nation Original Monkey Bars changed the style of custom baggers forever when they hit the streets in 2005. Often imitated but never duplicated this incredible design will not only change the look of your bagger it will change the ride! Our customers RAVE about how comfortable our Monkey Bars are and how installing them has changed their riding experience! That’s because they were designed by a rider for a rider! That’s one aspect of our Original Monkey Bars that all copiers have failed to duplicate! Our only goal when creating our Monkey Bars was to offer the highest quality product…period! Below are a few details you’ll ONLY find by choosing Original Monkey Bars!






For all 2015-Present Road Glide, Road Glide-3 & Road King models

(1¼” Handlebar with a 1¼” clamp and 1" grip area)

2015 & Later OEM Monkey Bars 101:

Here are a few details you’ll ONLY find with our Original Monkey Bars:

Width: Our bars are several inches narrower than the other because we utilize a more labor-intensive process of assembling the grip post areas. Swedging is cheaper, but it adds 2” of width to each side of the bar!

Natural Grip Angle: Our bars were painstakingly engineered to provide a natural, relaxed grip angle. They don’t force your hand or wrists into an uncomfortable position. Non-riders would never think of this.

Adjustability: Our bars are designed to allow maximum rotation regarding your hand control positioning. Everyone has a different taste and comfort zone here, so it’s important to be able to put em’ where you want em’!

Pull Back: Our bars are specifically designed to provide excellent pullback if so desired for optimum back comfort. No other company is permitted by patent to curve their uprights forward when viewed from a side profile. They simply can’t provide that feature to you.

Ease of Installation: Our bars are engineered to be a direct bolt-on replacement bar! We also offer a complete line of cables, bushings, Super Clamps, wiring, and complete install instructions.

We realize that you have a choice when choosing the correct set of handlebars for your bike. We are positive that we offer the best designs and quality available. When choosing your Monkey Bars remember, all bars are NOT created equal.

Paul wanted to lend all the chopper styling and attitude he created for the 2013 & earlier Road Glide®/Road King® Monkey Bars to the newest version of the Road Glide®. He grabbed a set of Original Monkey Bars and adjusted the clamp area to accommodate the 1¼ riser and clamp, as well as added slots for the switch housing pin and risers!! Bagger Nation now offers our OEM Monkey Bars for 2015 and later models in 10″, 12″, 14″, and 16″ sizes and are available in brilliant chrome or gloss black powder coat finish.

Bagger Nation Monkey Bars are R.D.R.S. Compatible!


Monkey Bar Booklet

NOTE to CVO & Road Glide Ultra owners: A standard Road Glide® master cylinder half clamp is required when installing 2015 and later OEM Monkey Bars on CVO models. The part numbers for the H-D clamps are as follows...

36700114: Left side half clamp (chrome)
41700325: Right side half clamp (chrome)
36700113: Left side half clamp (satin black)
41700321: Right side half clamp(satin black)
NOTE to Road Glide 3 owners: A replacement set of handlebar half clamps is required when installing OEM Monkey Bars on the NEW Road Glide® 3. The part numbers for the H-D clamps are as follows...
36700246: Left side half clamp (satin black)
41700948: Right side half clamp(satin black)
NOTE: Bagger Nation STRONGLY recommends installing our 1-piece Super Riser Clamp on ANY handlebar install! Failure to use a one-piece clamp when installing Monkey Bars will VOID the Bagger Nation warranty.
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit

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