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Rake Neck Fixture

Rake Neck Fixture

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Our patented Rake Neck Fixture is precision CNC machined from a solid billet block of tool steel. It is the most straightforward, simple method of adding rake to your frame with “No Compromises.” It allows for adjustment for your desired tank/dash to fairing clearance and does NOT require you to stretch your reach 2-3″ forward like our competitor’s method!




The Bagger Nation Rake Neck Fixture includes comprehensive step-by-step installation instructions and our exclusive tutorial video that walks you through the entire process. Adding rake to your frame and correcting the trail with our Raked Triple Tree kits is the ONLY way to correctly add a larger wheel to your bagger project and maintain the stock 6.5” of trail and level frame position required for proper handling characteristics.)

Our kits offer NO LOSS of suspension travel, no increase in spring preload, full clearance from fender to fairing, and maintain a perfect 6.5” of positive trail!

Trust the guys who ride to bring you the ultimate rake kit with NO COMPROMISES.

US Patent 9,365,255


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