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Turn Signal Load Equalizer

Turn Signal Load Equalizer

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Bagger Nation has many different custom taillights options. If your Harley is an early model bike then you may need a Load Equalizer to adjust the load the old incandescent bulbs used to a lower power requirement that L.E.D.s & C.O.B.s need.





Stock flasher relays on motorcycles are designed to blink twice as fast as normal when a bulb is burned out to alert the driver of this condition. L.E.D.s consume so little power compared to the stock bulbs that the flasher relay thinks that a bulb is burned out when LEDs are used in place of stock bulbs. If you have replaced your stock turn signals with L.E.D.s and your turn signals flash too fast or do not flash at all, you will need to add an equalizer or replace your flasher relay. These Load EQ's are (in most cases) Plug N Play so that you can service your bike. These are a must-have for any custom project. Please read the Spec sheet for each Load EQ to find the one for your project.

NOTE: The load equalizer is not necessary for 2014 and later models.
NOTE: The Badlands Load Equalizer will regulate the flashing sequence at a consistent rate.
NOTE: Load EQ's kits will vary by year. Make sure you read and understand the fitment!
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